About Us

About Us

Jewelery can be made from a wide variety of materials. Precious stones, amber and coral, precious stones such as precious metals, beads and shells, and similar materials are but the love in the work is important.I have imagined these collections by merging the memories and influences of the artistry I love with my imagination. Timelessness and quality are of the essence.

Creating unique and different jewelry is the sum of the nuances that reveal themselves as the eye wanders from every perspective. Luxury is always in the details.Bring your vision to life through our never before seen innovation in jewelry. Painted in the classic gouache style, you will be able to watch Your Dream Ring™ come to life before your eyes.

Professional Design Team

Our customer service team is a dedicated, hard-working group specially selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellent customer service. They
offer advice, answer any queries, and offer continuous support even after a purchase is completed.

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Built on the idea that life is yours for the making,KENOUZ is a modular fine jewelry brand that, in its modularity, empowers you to live exactly as you are in a world of limitless possibilities.



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